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Even if you are remotely related to the digital business ecosystem, you have obviously heard the term “cryptocurrencies. “ The cryptocurrency market has broadly evolved and has become a highly competitive industry over the years. Among various trends making rounds in the crypto sphere, the most popular trend is the crowdfunding ICO( Initial Coin Offering).

ICOs have winged its way over the recent years, and the volume of ICOs being carried out has increased, and it continues to grow rapidly. In this highly competitive scenario, what will make your ICO significant from others, and will draw customers’ attention towards your ICO, over your competitors is your marketing strategies. Marketing is an ultimate tool that can not only build brand awareness, but also increase sales, grow your business drastically, and help you engage with potential customers. With a solid marketing structure, you can generate highly favorable outcomes. So, let’s take a look at some of the key marketing strategies and the ICO marketing cost involved, to help you gain a clear picture, and make your ICO noteworthy.

A short brief of what is an ICO and why is ICO marketing important

ICO( Initial Coin Offering) is a fundraising mechanism where a cryptocurrency project company or a startup sells a part of their issued tokens/coins to early investors in exchange for legal tender or established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, to raise capital for their venture.

The marketing structure is what will determine the success or failure of your ICO, among the wide-spread competitors. It is mandatory that you thoroughly research, analyze the market trends and needs, and plan a clear marketing structure for your ICO. This will reach your potential target audience across the board and intrigue them to invest in your project. Below are some of the key marketing strategies to help boost your ICO.

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Compelling ICO Marketing strategies

➡ Creating a legitimate whitepaper

The whitepaper is considered as a very strong and useful component for a business. Drafting a fitting, legitimate whitepaper for your ICO, can bring in a great deal of value for your business. They help increase the perception of credibility and professionalism. They are also a free form of advertising. Your whitepaper should include every detail regarding your project such as,

  • The core idea behind the project
  • The legal framework of your ICO
  • What solutions does your ICO offer to the customers and how is it different from the competitors?
  • Other aspects such as technical, and financial information, etc.

This will make the customers feel entitled to complete information regarding your project, and gain their trust to invest in it.

➡ Designing an intuitive ICO website

We all know that the internet is playing a vital role in our day-to-day lives in this current modern era. When it comes to investing in a business, the first thing the customer does to understand the company is to go online and search for information about the company. Therefore, be it a small business or an international company, an online presence is an essential part of the business. And to create a strong online presence for your ICO, creating an intuitive website is the key.

Your website will be the first impression the customers get about your ICO project. So it is important that you make the best impression, by making the website user-friendly, attractive, informative, and easy-navigable.

➡ Content Marketing

Content Marketing is also an essential strategy for your ICO. The right, engaging content will bring in the trust from your customers, help increase brand awareness, educate the customers about the project, helps to a great extent for organic search such as SEO, and generate leads. Your content that you are writing should be adhered to quality and not quantity. You can post quality, fresh content through blogs, articles, forums, etc which will stir your customers’ interest towards your project.

➡ Social Media and Crypto Communities

One of the distinctive and credible aspects of the cryptoverse is the strength of its communities. Initiating a dedicated online community for your ICO can help you gain huge traction in the market. Some of the most effective ones are as follows,

    1) Telegram– Telegram is one of the most influential community sources for cryptocurrency businesses. You can build a community for your ICO in the telegram medium, which is like a messaging app similar to Whatsapp. You can communicate with your potential community regarding your ICO through this medium. And Telegram also provides an added layer of security by deleting the chat or information after a certain period of time.

    2) Reddit- Reddit is one of the popular social networking mediums and there are already various notable subreddits for ICO marketing. You can also make use of this platform to gain traction for your ICO.

   3) Quora– You can get in touch with potential customers through quora medium and discuss your ICO, and answer their queries. This will help you gain more customer engagement and exposure for your ICO project.

   4) BitcoinTalk–  This is a popular dedicated crypto community platform that will help you get involved in discussions with your potential customers regarding your ICO, and increase awareness.

Other than this, you can also promote your ICO on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, etc, which will reach a mass audience around the globe and spread awareness about the project.

➡ Influencer Marketing

By hiring popular celebrities or influencers in the crypto community, with sound communication and knowledge to talk about your project will help with a substantial boost for your project in the number of investors.

➡ Email Marketing

Email marketing is key to building relationships with your potential customers as it gives a chance to directly communicate with them about your project. Email blasting and newsletters with informative, but crisp content will attract them and keep them glued with your project.

➡ PR and Media

You need to carefully analyze and choose the right media platform and PR team to establish an effective PR strategy and gain maximum exposure for your ICO project. You should make sure your potential customers receive constant updates or news regarding your project. This will keep them engaged in your project and sustain their loyalty towards your project.

➡ Paid Marketing

One of the effective marketing strategies currently to promote your ICO, is to carry out paid advertisements such as Google AdWords, pay-per-click, etc. This will bring in your customers’ attention towards the project and increase traction.

These are some of the fundamental ICO marketing strategies and there is more to this. With the widely prevailing and constantly evolving market demand, the best way to market your ICO effectively is by conducting deep research on top ICO marketing firms, and choosing the best, a well-experienced one. Such firms will have a thorough understanding of the latest trends, and market needs. Therefore, they will offer fitting solutions that will take your ICO marketing campaign to the next level.

What is the cost of ICO marketing?

The cost of ICO marketing depends upon your marketing structure, what strategies you implement, and how you choose to market your ICO. If you choose to outsource your content for marketing, it might cost a little extra. Also, your ICO listing preferences will determine the cost involved.

To make this easier for you, Our seasoned experts from Infinite Block Tech have evaluated three different ICO marketing price packages, each costing $60,000, $95,000, and $200K. Out of these, you can choose the one that fits your budget and business requirements. However, all the packages are derived after careful consideration, research, and planning with a goal to drive the best possible outcome for your ICO business. To know more, and to achieve top ICO marketing services at the most affordable price, get in touch with our team.

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